woman working with color samples for selection

Noteworthy upgrades that you may want to consider

Stand curbside and take a long objective view of the front of your home. Ask yourself what impression your home conveys. Are the roses pruned? Do the box-woods lack shape? Is there a defined walkway leading to the front door? Is the lawn in desperate need of some TLC? These are all things that a potential buyer may notice when he/she walks up to your front door. When all is in order, it’s great but when it’s not, it’s a big deal. These items when left unattended can create negative first impressions to potential buyers.Take some time to dig up the weeds, fertilize, edge, aerate and water the front lawn. Adding interest through mulch, rive rock or marble edging to flower beds and borders throughout the landscape can add exterior appeal as well. If you’re in doubt, call a local reputable landscaper in for help!


It can be argued that the kitchen is one room that sees the most traffic in a home. It is often the place for entertaining guests, family gatherings, daily meals and their preparation among other uses. In all of my experience showing clients houses, not one client has ever said that either the layout, size and/ materials used in the kitchen isn’t relevant in their decision to purchase. With this in mind, it’s wise to pay attention to the kitchen when you’re deciding to renovate your space.

Without renovating, here are a few cost effective tips to updating the look and character of your kitchen:

Upgrading your appliances are a great way to get your kitchen noticed. Adding modern conveniences such as a water line for the fridge, espresso maker and stainless steel appliances are great ways to get your kitchen noticed.
Installing a counter height back splash is a fairly cost effective upgrade that can add a great deal of interest to a tired space. Today the range of materials for this is endless. Slate, marble, mosaic,glass, metal, plastic are just some of the materials available today on the market for a counter height back splash.

Add some colour to the walls. Adding a bold colour above the cabinets in that short approximately 2′ space is a sure fire way to give that space a purpose and create impact without overwhelming the space.


I was driving down the street of a local beach side community here in Niagara when I noticed a beautiful two storey Colonial style home sided in a fire engine red. I immediately pulled my car over to the side of the road to admire this spectacular beauty. For me, personally, the house suits the lake side community in which it exists and from the well manicured gardens and lawn and the edged lawn, the house screams “my owners love me.”
Without going on further about this particular home, I’ll get to the point. The colour of this home attracted my attention.That’s not to say that painting your home in a bright bold colour is right for everyone and in many cases, sticking to more muted neutral colours for exterior colours are a safer option. However, using some colour on the interior of the home can add interest. Adding colour to exterior doors, furniture or single walls can liven up a room and speak volumes.